Sunday, May 9, 2010

Miss Violet Ormenthal Spins Every Saturday from 9-11pm

Drop in every Saturday night and dance the night away to tunes brought to you by miss Violet Ormenthal. Violets collection of over 50,000 vintage jazz, swing, big band and blues tunes will ensure a good time! If you still not having a ball after all this, have a few more drinks and a rail of coke from the bar!


  1. A large crowd was in attendance this past Saturday night. When, at 11 pm Violet launched into her last song and tiptoeing off to beddie-bye, shouts of "MORE, MORE, MORE" forced her to stay on for another hour and exercise some much needed DISCIPLINE in the form of naughty songs. This encouraged the lovely Daisy Ogleby to perform a series of dances that are rarely seen in New Hollywood, much less Old. She kindly passed these dances out to those present and shortly the entire club resembled large spiders preying on those not similarly attired. At one point the same Miss Ogleby began selling "Hot Dogs" in the club, inspired by a song that Miss Violet played that was only ostensibly about....wieners.... Come by next week. Heaven only knows what might happen.

  2. I still have the spider bites to prove it was an amazing night. Vi always leaves me wanting more...

  3. There is a clinic on Old Hollywood I will take you to get that looked at