Tuesday, November 16, 2010

You know you're hot, now let everyone else rekenize!!!

Have You Got What It Takes To Be Miss VAULT GIRL!!!!!!!! Are you into Vintage Style!!  Well The Vault Jazz Club on the Old Hollywood Sim is about to get into the swing of a fun contest!! Plenty of time to get your vintage attire together!!! Contest is 7th Jan 2011 8-10pm SL
This is not a photo contest..there will be 2 Judges on the night.
Invite your friends and lets see what the ladies of SL can show us in either 20s..30s..or 40s style.
3 sections of the contest are formal wear...A Famous person's style and last is the Swimwear. 1st prize is 2000L sponsored by  Swank Brothers Vintage Men's Clothing.
1000L 2nd prize sponsored by Melu Deco and 3rd prize 500L sponsored by Tickled Pink studio.
Entries close 7th Dec.
You can find more details by clicking on the contest boards at -The Vault- or
Please IM Sigourney farman  for the details.
Than kyou :)
Everyone is welcome on the night 7th Jan 8pm-10pm  A Fun night!!
Entries close 7th Dec!!!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween at -The Vault-

We had a spooktacular time here at -The Vault- all weekend long!










Moonbeam (eek!)


Liz O

Liz B






Ariel (with Scott looking on)

Saturday, October 2, 2010


WOOT!  Check out Liza Minelli and Lady Gaga!  Otherwise known as DJ Persephone Kelberry and Liz Baramm, hehe.  We had a lot of fun last night seeing everyone come as a celebrity, I'm trying to think of what we should do next!
See?  Even Marilyn was there?  Where the heck were YOU??

WE'RE MEN! WE'RE MEN IN TIGHTS!  WE ROAM AROUND THE FOREST LOOKING FOR FIGHTS!  Heheee, Q was a pretty good sport the whole night.
Daisy took home the prize for funniest freakin avatar ever.  I'm sorry, but Prince holding a stack of pancakes=WIN!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sunday Nights at -The Vault-

Have you folks dropped by -The Vault- on Sunday nights recently? If you haven't, you are really missing out. Seg and our newest DJ, YoYo Bur***C***khardt, play the most fabulous tunes. They'll play stuff you haven't heard in years, music that'll make you reminisce, make you daydream, make you tap your toes and dance. Come down and see what you've been missing!

**Editorial edit: I left out a C. Why?

AAA: Typo
BBB: The dog ate my spelling homework
CCC: I'm blonde
DDD: I'm blonde and I have big knockers

Here's a hint:

Friday, September 10, 2010

-The Vault- Welcomes Fresh Recruits!

I'm not sure where we're digging up these new Jazz Cats nowadays. I like this one a lot though!

This is Brent. Be sure to say hi to him next time you see him catting around -The Vault-!

So I just heard that Crooner Carlucci's show is cancelled for tonight. I have a *really* good guess why... A little bird told me his RL family was expecting a special delivery. Best wishes to you and yours, Crooner!!

And speaking of special deliveries, Quentin Falworth's mom just celebrated the day she spawned him. Happy Birthday Q!

And....We're so glad you found your little son! He's just adorable and he looks *just* like you!

The barflies (me, Gryffin, Liz, and Dita) nonchalantly approve.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Looking Back & Looking Forward

Forgive me, Vault patrons, it's been two weeks since my last confessio-- I mean my last blog post. In that two weeks, we've had a visitor who left her convent to come here and try to save Q's immortal soul. She must *really* be on the outs with the Mother Superior to be assigned this kind of epic task. Talk about a lost cause! And case in point... just last night she announced to the crowd she is shunning the habit and forsaking her vows! See her conversion below. Note the poor fellow at the bar, looking away from the downfall of grace.

In the meantime, we've had lots of fun goings-on here in Old Hollywood. -The Vault- became the happiest place on earth (yeah, I know, I know... use your imaginations on this with me here, please!) when Liz, Moonbeam and I arranged two all-Disney sets on one day! All of you showed up in the best costumes, and it was amusing and somewhat disturbing to hear how we all think of The Little Mermaid (the princess you'd most like to "know") and the seven dwarves (specifically, how their height was perfect for keeping Snow White very, very happy).

Dame Edith as Ursula (The Little Mermaid)

Dame Edith came back for the second set as Tinkerbell! Check out her support hose!

Moonbeam as Millificent (Sleeping Beauty) with Diablo the crow... creepy and fabulous!

My fiance (don't ask, it's a long story) Finn as "Prince F'ing Charming"

This past Saturday Violet played "Flavors Of Oz," some lovely tribute songs to The Wizard of Oz. Again, you all showed up in some fantastic costumes, though no one dared to be The Cowardly Lion in this den of sin.

Chaos Priestman is a flying monkey with a backup singer!

One Dorothy (that's Seg!)

Two Dorothy (this is Veronika!)

And Glinda (Galinda? Glinda with a guh?) the Good Witch played by Violet!

~~Welcome Our New DJ: Drakaar Dover~~

Yeah, fuhgeddabowdit... This guy's from Brooklyn and you can hear it in every syllable he utters. Not for nuttin' but I had a half-hour crush on the dude... Black pants held up by suspenders (gasp!) over a strappy undershirt showing off his well-defined muss-kels (swoon!) and topped by an impossibly fly fedora... (sigh....) But you really just want to know about the music, not all that stuff! This guy plays the fastest, swingin'est swing around. You won't get a chance to catch your breath and you'll love every minute of it! Join us here Wednesdays 6-8 pm and Drakaar'll hook you up.

All that, plus nightly events full of wonderful old swing and big band played by Persephone, Annabel, Lou, and me, AND rockin' rock-a-billy by Nhaomi, Sunday night 50s doo-wop by Seg, and Monday night ska (so fun!) by Gwillym... AND live music by Bluemonk and Crooner! -The Vault- is THE place to be!!!

~~P.S.: Mr Finchley~~

You all know Mr Finchley, that naughty pick-pocketing monkey who collects Lindens and bananas for -The Vault-. Apparently he has some other skills of which we were unaware. Call Mr Finchley directly for your 10, 20, or 30 minutes of monkey paw stress relief. Just keep in mind, Mr Finchley is easily distracted. He forgets the happy ending.

That's YoYo there getting the knots worked out of his neck muss-kels.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Everybody Wants to be a Cat!; SegmentationFault Does the Stroll

Everybody Wants to be a Cat!

Violet played two whole hours of songs about CATS last night here at -The Vault-. It seems these songwriters very often compare women to pussycats... hm... I'm not sure I understand. *guileless stare*

I have to say MY favorite song of the night was "What's New Pussycat" by Tom Jones. Delicious's M key seemed to get stuck while she had happy daydreams of "The Voice", and if Tom had been there, I'd've thrown my bra at him. All in a night's work!

Following are some of the lovely Neko styles sported by our wonderful patrons, -The Vault- family!

DJ Violet Ormenthal, the Queen Kitty

Dita... girl, you are a heartbreaker!

The Shuper Shexy Liz

I Tawt I Taw a Puttytat... I did! It's Perri! And that wiley RECoyote is giving her the eye -- watch out kittycat!

Brei's dress makes me think naughty thoughts... Cheers to Bjorn!

The Very Lovely Veronika!

YoYo wins a prize for bringing a new person, his gorgeous friend Ama!

Q surveys his own personal Watership Down (did he miss the memo or what!?)

Many of you may know that I spend a lot of time in -The Vault- cammed up on the roof to combat lag. I'd rather be able to TALK to you than see you dance in herky-jerky strobelight fashion, which is how you look to me if there are more than, oh, three or so people here. My computer fights a valiant battle, but as its commander I must help it out as I can. So yes, I have become intimately familiar with the roof of -The Vault- over the last year. My very sweet granny, Dame Edith Ogleby, entertained me during the Neko event last night by dancing on the roof! *hugs Edith*

SegmentationFault Does the Stroll

Tonight at 8, Seg blows the dust off some dowop sh'bop for your "Come on baby, let's do the" twisting pleasure. Join us here in Old Hollywood for a walk down memory lane... destination: the 1950s!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Neko Night at -The Vault-!

Violet's picked out two hours of kitty cat songs... This should be a purr-fectly wonderful evening! Find those ears and tails we all seem to have in our over-stuffed inventories, wipe the kittylitter off your paws, and bring your catnip to share with all!

I will say... I'm not overly fond of the Neko look. It seems avatars sporting the talking tails and wiggly ears are always rocking an ARC (that's Avatar Render Cost) of 4000+. For a slow, sad computer like mine, that is framerate death. I have proof, though, that you can pull off a beautiful, sexy Neko look with an ARC of less than 1000!


With the talking, swishing tail you can't see in this picture, and my talking, wiggling ears, AND a gorgeous cat and pearl necklace from Alienbear (super high prim stuff, exquisite but lagtastic), my ARC is 768. No, that is not a typo.

ARC = 768

I also want to issue a warning: Do not fall asleep at the bar in -The Vault-. Bad things tend to happen, like Gee Vectroscope found out last Saturday night when he parked his butt on a barstool and promptly fell asleep.

Anyways... Calling all Jazz Cats tonight for our special Neko event! Mee-ow!