Tuesday, November 16, 2010

You know you're hot, now let everyone else rekenize!!!

Have You Got What It Takes To Be Miss VAULT GIRL!!!!!!!! Are you into Vintage Style!!  Well The Vault Jazz Club on the Old Hollywood Sim is about to get into the swing of a fun contest!! Plenty of time to get your vintage attire together!!! Contest is 7th Jan 2011 8-10pm SL
This is not a photo contest..there will be 2 Judges on the night.
Invite your friends and lets see what the ladies of SL can show us in either 20s..30s..or 40s style.
3 sections of the contest are formal wear...A Famous person's style and last is the Swimwear. 1st prize is 2000L sponsored by  Swank Brothers Vintage Men's Clothing.
1000L 2nd prize sponsored by Melu Deco and 3rd prize 500L sponsored by Tickled Pink studio.
Entries close 7th Dec.
You can find more details by clicking on the contest boards at -The Vault- or
Please IM Sigourney farman  for the details.
Than kyou :)
Everyone is welcome on the night 7th Jan 8pm-10pm  A Fun night!!
Entries close 7th Dec!!!!

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