Thursday, July 29, 2010

Annabel and Bluemonk both TONIGHT at -The Vault-!

Bring your heart meds... all kinds of upbeat hippity-hoppity swing and boogie woogie happening TONIGHT at -The Vault-! First up, Miss Annabel Malibu brings her eclectic library of music for your listening pleasure. And then! Mr Bluemonk Rau unpacks his groovy organ on-stage for an hour of boogie woogie and blues, along with his own home-grown style of talkin' atch'ya! These are both always fun shows... Thursday nights, -The Vault- is THE place to be! The fun starts at 8 pm -- Don't be late!

It's Boogie Woogie, Baby! Let's Swing!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

DJ Annabel Malibu Here Tonight at 8! Bluemonk Rau at 10!

I'm putting out the call right now to all you MEN out there. Look, just LOOK, at what our poor Dollfaces and Cupcakes had to contend with last night! Quentin here with all these girls! This is like a rabid fox in the henhouse. And that never ends well.

Careful, girls, under that greased-up pompador is where Q hides his devil horns! (You don't wanna know where he hides his tail.)

Annabel plays really fantastic dance music, so fellas... Get yourselves down here tonight at 8 and ask a lady to dance. Then at 10, it's Mr Bluemonk Rau and his boogie-woogie blues! Woo hooooo!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Torch Songs Tonight!; Annbel Swings Back Into Action

~~Torch Songs Tonight!~~

I played a lot of swing the last couple times I played music for all you Cupcakes and Jazz Cats and Dollfaces. Tonight, I'm gonna slow it down some, and let you get snuggly with that somebody special. Well... honest fact. I'm just tired, and I can't be dancing like a madwoman for 2 hours! Q would say I'm just lazy:

If being lazy looks this good, I'd say he's right! Be here at 7 tonight for lots of sultry-voiced ladies singing their tales of woe.

~~Annabel Swings Back Into Action!~~

Join us at 9 tonight when Annabel takes over the airwaves here at -The Vault-, playing all that fun swing I know you guys LOVE!

I am being really lazy... I'm not fussing with the slurl here. Scroll down a bit to get it!

*Lays back in the soft green grass and stares at the clouds* See you later!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Ska DJ Gwyllem Wycliffe tonight at 7!

Have you been to one of our ska parties? If not, it's time to check one out. Gwyllem plays the skankiest ska... It's nonstop mayhem!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Calling All Jazz Cats!; SegmentationFault String Does The Twist!

~~Calling All Jazz Cats!~~

Last night here at -The Vault- Vintage Jazz Club in uber-glam Old Hollywood, Miss Violet played some fantastic 1950s jazz standards for us. About midway through her set, I looked around, wondering where YOU might be... and saw this unbelievable phenomenon. Take a real close look at the picture below, and see if you can figure out what I mean.

A nice crowd, beautiful dresses, everyone's dancing and having a great time. But take a closer look... *crooks finger, beckoning* cloooooser... And see if you see what I saw.

-The Vault- attracts the smartest, wittiest, classiest (hey, I heard you laugh! sheddup!), most stylish women in the grid. So, fellas... All you uber-cool Jazz Cats... Would you like a date? A dance partner? Someone to sweet-talk, just for the small chore of donning your tux and adjusting your bowtie just right?... *nods* -The Vault- is THE place to be.

~~Mr. SegmentationFault String Does The Twist!~~

So yeah... A few weeks ago this character started hangin' around... A real wit, contributing lots of bon mots to local chat and a great new dance anim (hillybilly hoedown!)...

Then we noticed he never seemed to leave. When Q found Seg's (yeah, "Seg." SegmentationFault is kind of a mouthful, and not in a good way.) shoes under the couch upstairs, he said: "Earn your keep, or you're back in your box in the alley." And aren't we lucky! Seg has a super library of 1950s doo wop sh'bop and rock 'n roll, guaranteed to get you OFF your barstool!!! Be here at 8 tonight for Seg's -The Vault- debut and welcome him Jazz Cat/Cupcake/Dollface style!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Boogie Woogie Re-Cap; Crooner's Back in Town

Hey, all you hep cats and cupcakes... Were you at -The Vault- last night for Bluemonk Rau's boogie woogie and blues organ show? If you were, can you be sure to NOT tell me what I did there? I have these vague, disconnected memories. Like, of trying to pickpocket this handsome fellow beside me, name of Rudi.

Ater he nearly broke my fingers (jeez, I was just gonna LOOK at his wallet!), I bought him a drink and we got to be friends. Well... holding-up-the-bar-drinking-whiskey-together friends. Which really are the best kind of friends, and I sincerely appreciate his forgiveness. Appreciation turned into adoration when he pushed Quentin around for trying to impugn my character.

Mr Bluemonk Rau, Boogie Woogie Meister

A second bottle of whiskey followed, and from there I'm really iffy on the details. But I *do* remember that Bluemonk rocked the joint, and if you weren't here you missed a fantastic show... Lucky for all of us, he'll be here next week!

But the fun doesn't end ...Tonight we have the smoke-and-velvet-voiced Crooner Carlucci here in Old Hollywood. Q suggests packing an extra pair of panties in your pocketbook when you attend this show. Come down around 7 pm, Crooner'll be here to serenade you!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thursday Nights Mean Boogie Woogie at -The Vault-!

Mr Bluemonk Rau, his Hammond organ, and his bootleg whiskey take the stage tonight at -The Vault- at 10 pm... Bring your dancin' shoes, this man will boogie away your blues!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Been slackin' on the blog!

But only because -The Vault- Vintage Jazz Club has been hoppin' lately! Who can take a breath when it's non-stop dancing and carousing here in Old Hollywood? We've added two new DJ's to our lineup: Anabel, who plays the swingin'est jazz and big band; and Gwillym, playing the skankiest ska around! Be sure to cruise on by for one or both of these new DJs, or we'll send the mob-squad out for you.

Also introducing two new hostesses to The Family: Liz and Mophead! These girls are beautiful and make local chat sizzle all evening long. Come down and give them a big welcome!

To celebrate our new staff, a round of sparkling champagne! *Blows Kisses* See you soon at -The Vault-!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Be still my heart, it's Bluemonk, tonight at The Vault!

Oh my, it's Thursay night and you know what that means? You don't? Well, my dear, come on down to The Vault and be prepared to be swept away by the smokey voice of Mr. Bluemonk Rau.

Tonight at 10:00pm SL time!