Friday, July 16, 2010

Boogie Woogie Re-Cap; Crooner's Back in Town

Hey, all you hep cats and cupcakes... Were you at -The Vault- last night for Bluemonk Rau's boogie woogie and blues organ show? If you were, can you be sure to NOT tell me what I did there? I have these vague, disconnected memories. Like, of trying to pickpocket this handsome fellow beside me, name of Rudi.

Ater he nearly broke my fingers (jeez, I was just gonna LOOK at his wallet!), I bought him a drink and we got to be friends. Well... holding-up-the-bar-drinking-whiskey-together friends. Which really are the best kind of friends, and I sincerely appreciate his forgiveness. Appreciation turned into adoration when he pushed Quentin around for trying to impugn my character.

Mr Bluemonk Rau, Boogie Woogie Meister

A second bottle of whiskey followed, and from there I'm really iffy on the details. But I *do* remember that Bluemonk rocked the joint, and if you weren't here you missed a fantastic show... Lucky for all of us, he'll be here next week!

But the fun doesn't end ...Tonight we have the smoke-and-velvet-voiced Crooner Carlucci here in Old Hollywood. Q suggests packing an extra pair of panties in your pocketbook when you attend this show. Come down around 7 pm, Crooner'll be here to serenade you!

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