Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Torch Songs Tonight!; Annbel Swings Back Into Action

~~Torch Songs Tonight!~~

I played a lot of swing the last couple times I played music for all you Cupcakes and Jazz Cats and Dollfaces. Tonight, I'm gonna slow it down some, and let you get snuggly with that somebody special. Well... honest fact. I'm just tired, and I can't be dancing like a madwoman for 2 hours! Q would say I'm just lazy:

If being lazy looks this good, I'd say he's right! Be here at 7 tonight for lots of sultry-voiced ladies singing their tales of woe.

~~Annabel Swings Back Into Action!~~

Join us at 9 tonight when Annabel takes over the airwaves here at -The Vault-, playing all that fun swing I know you guys LOVE!

I am being really lazy... I'm not fussing with the slurl here. Scroll down a bit to get it!

*Lays back in the soft green grass and stares at the clouds* See you later!

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