Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Star of the Show

Sunday nights we have two of the most fabulous DJs in Second Life back to back... SegmentationFault String and Igsby Crotchenstare. Tonight, though, Igsby's tie stole the show.

Monday, July 4, 2011

It's Independence Day (in the U S of A!)

Street Party!

With DJ Nellie!

And DJ Bosco!

Gene AKA Captain America made a studly appearance.





Belinda and Sonicity (rawr!)

BB The Bull

William and Kristi Hawksby (He wants YOU!)

SegmentationFault the DJ
The Professor... saaaaaah-LUTE!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Vault's Strongman

The Professor and Daisy

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A bottle of red... A bottle of white... Oh, who cares, just gimme the vino!

Ciao! Buongiorno! This past Saturday evening at -The Vault-, we enjoyed a pasto splendido with Italian dinner music... I hope you stopped by to sample the ravioli and antipasta and canolis, oh my!

Mama Liz supervised the cooking and music and dancing... putting her rolling pin to good use to make sure everybody was (threatened into) having a tempo grande!

Tigress made the delicious dinner for us and Casey helped. Um... I'm sure he washed his hands. That's BB behind Casey. I bet he was hoping very much that we weren't serving prime rib.

Daisy was our musician for the evening, playing treats from Lou Monte, Rosemary Clooney, Dean Martin, Connie Francis, Jerry Vale, and other good Italian-American boys and girls. Mama Liz: "Oh, that's'a GOOD Italian boy right there, that Frankie Sinatra."

That signora bella Tigress also decorated -The Vault- for us... She is such a tesorina.

As you can see, our patrons had a wonderful time.

And as always, Professor Stanley remained STOIC on his reserved barstool.

Until next time, arrivederci!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Hi all I'm Leila and will be posting fashion and SHOPPING!! updates

Hi all I'm finally contributing to the blog! In case you don't know me I'm Q's One (and hopefully only) girl. I'm having a great day of shopping although a bit disappointed some of my favorites don't have anything new. It sucks when I go to a store and I already have everything in it. I'm such a white whiner! I did discover a new place The Body Co. The shape is great out of the box and comes with a generic skin tone then you can buy bags with the different makeups. The store is so cute, it's like shopping in RL, has hand creams and what not. I would love to hear from anyone with shopping tips! Love from the Vault



Monday, February 21, 2011

Spending Our Dough: The SL Extravaganza Blog

-The Vault- Vintage Jazz Club was recently featured on the popular fashion blog, SL Extravaganza! Cutie Vault Cupcake Jennifer Corbeau is a contributing writer to it and wrote some really nice stuff about our crowd and our DJs and and our live talent. She takes a bunch of pictures at -The Vault-, so if you see her around, be sure to put on your best smile!

You can see the post here: SL EXTRAVAGANZA: TVDH No3 & The Vault

and you can view Jennifer's own fashion blog here: What About Meh?

One of the reasons *I* am so excited about Jennifer's blog write-up is that I found -The Vault- via a fashion blog. I wish I could remember which blog it was, because I'd love to give the writer a big kiss for helping me find my "home" in SL. That was way back in May of 2009... Almost two years ago. My, how time flies! Think about it! Another lost noob could now be surfing the 'Net and stumbling across -The Vault- like I did... There could be another me here! Lingering like some stray cat, drinking all our liquor... Oh jeez. Jennifer, get your post off the Internet! Now! (LOL just kidding! Keep it live!)

So hey, we have a super lineup tonight for you! At 7 tonight, it's time to get rude and skanky with DJ Gwillym and hostesses Sig and Belli and SKA music! At 9, Bosco takes over the airwaves with his eclectic library of jazz and "jazz" (I dunno how to label some of his music so we'll just stick some quotes 'round it, ok hmm?) hosted by the tequila girl herself, Miss Liz Barrrrrrrrrramm!

Pssst Jennifer... I'll have Q get that payment to you in the next couple days, OK? *wink*

Friday, February 11, 2011

Green Acres is the place for Q!

This poor goat.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

-The Vault- Va Va Voom Burlesque Special!

Were you here last night? If you weren't, hoo-boy did you miss out! Last night -The Vault- had its monthly Va Va Voom Burlesque Special, and wooo-eeee! It was sizzling in here!

I was camera girl, taking souvenir snaps of you, our beloved patrons, with the Rat Pack boys.

Kadence looks like she's not too sure about the boys.

Liz looks happy though!

This is the sultry Veruca Monday in a gorgeous dress by Old Hollywood designer Donna Flora!

After a couple complaints of uninvited groping by Frank, I gave up and just enjoyed the show. And I'm so glad I did!

(Actually, Frank complained that Liza here groped him. I believe it!)

The evening started off with a BANG! -- literally! Miss Ouchie Dumpling burst through our front doors brandishing her pink Tommy gun of love, and tassles. All patrons were instructed to keep their yappers shut and their wallets open as she seduced one and all with her persuasive weapon and feminine wiles.

Before we had a chance to catch our breath, Miss Sigourney Farman made her burlesque debut on our stage, and oh-jeez-Louise, what a debut!!! If this is just the start of her burlesque career, I am onboard as a lifelong fan. With a wink and a jiggle, our lovely hostess was down to not much of anything, turning us all into blithering idiots stunned by her beauty and talent.

Well, I assume all were blithering as I was. PaulGoldStar looks fairly composed in spite of his "I just ate the canary" grin.

Ray and Jennifer Corbeau had great front row seats!

Slinky, make-you-feel-dirty tunes were supplied by the incomparable Bosco Rumsford, who also charmed us throughout the show with such bon mots as "Ouchie's got quite the pooper." When the show was over, he played wonderful music for all to enjoy and dance to, once we'd recovered our wits, that is.

And then waddaya know, Nurse Owl popped in for a home visit to innoculate one and all against a most vicious and repugnant disease: Hep Q! She gave us lollipops after poking each of us in the butt with her syringe.

If she was poking us all in the butt, I'm still not sure how Bosco ended up naked on top. Or why he looked so... vulnerable, and forlorn.

Just another night at -The Vault-!

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
Wanna be on our stage?...

-The Vault-'s Va Va Voom Burlesque Special is the second Wednesday of each month at 8:30 pm. Each month we'll feature two dancers. Are you interested in shaking what your mama gave you on our stage here in Old Hollywood? You could be a star! If so, contact Daisy Ogleby in world, and we'll get you directly to Q's casting cou-- I mean, we'll schedule a quick audition for you. No experience necessary!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Why should the ladies get all the dough?

Do you fancy yourself the flamboyant, swashbuckling Errol Flynn? Sophisticated cynic William Powell? Troubled, moody teen James Dean? Debonair, charming, and oh-so-handsome Cary Grant?

Then we are looking for you, MR. VAULT!

First Place 3000L
Second Place 1000L
Third Place 500L

On March 25th at 7pm slt, -The Vault- Vintage Jazz Club will be holding the MR VAULT Contest. If you love vintage clothing and have a flare for style with a little imagination thrown in, or if you have a lady in your life who is a whiz at styling and is always helping you look terrific, then this competition is for you! You will strut your stuff on our stage in three different categories in front of our two judges (No, we won't tell you who they are, you greasy weasels! No bribing!):

1st Category: Formal vintage wear
2nd Category: A famous person 20s-60s (chosen by the contest coordinator)
3rd Category: Casual vintage

Remember that while this is all about vintage, you choose where you shop. No specific designers are mentioned. Your clothing may be from any time from 1920s through to the 1960s. You may choose a different era for each category or you may choose the same, it's completely up to you!

For the 2nd category, Sigourney Farnon will be sending a list of famous people and you'll choose from the list who you will be modeling. This will prevent more than one of the same.

There will be 10 contestants, maybe more but no more than 15 will be entering. Entry fee is 150L, paid to Sigourney Farnon. Send Sigourney Farnon a notecard with your full name stating you have sent the entry fee.

This is a fun night so invite your friends! There will be a DJ playing awesome tunes to suit the mood!

APPLICATIONS CLOSE FRIDAY FEBRUARY 25th so get your entry to Sigourney, and we'll whistle for and ogle you next month!

A HUGE THANK YOU to our contest sponsors:
Swank Brothers
Melu Deco
The Gatsby Girl
Breidaia Vlodovic (Chop Zuey)

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Overhead (or Overheard) tonight...

Just a tidbit of what you've been missing...

[21:19] Glawen Rodeyn: I love the sophistication and intellectual content of this evening's conversation, don't you?
[21:19] Alec Venom: Well then that's proof it wasn't me at all! I can't get anyone to kiss my derriere
[21:19] Lizabeth VonBrandenburg (liza.brandenburg): I did put panties on didnt i?

-The Vault- is Second Life's premier vintage jazz club, with knowledgeable DJs who play the very best in big band, swing, crooners, and neo-swing, creating a romantic and/or party atmosphere; fun, sassy, gorgeous hosts and hostesses; and the very best local chat around. Come have a drink on me, and experience the "sophistication" here at -The Vault- in Old Hollywood!

It was a Disco Inferno!

Who knew all you Jazz Cats dig on the disco! What a party this was, what with the free-flowing booze and plenty of lines laid out on mirrors on the bar. Three hours of disco music last night and you all hung til the end!

Check out the video --- Yep, we have animated proof of your hair!

Thanks to Echo and Ouchie for the photos, and to Ouchie for the video!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Vault Va-Va-Voom Burlesque Special!

Old Hollywood has kicked off 2011 with a wink and a tease! Last night, Miss Owl Sweetwater and I took the stage for some bumpin’, grindin’, and teasin’ to fantastic old-timey jazz DJ’d by our own Bosco Rumsford. You Jazz Cats and Dollfaces and Cupcakes were such a fun audience. Owl and I had a blast and I think you did too! We had a couple fainters in the crowd, but that’s to be expected with the kind of heat we were generating.

I was up first, and it had been a long while since I performed on stage. After a quick stumble and getting my hips warmed up (Dork Dance ftw!) I quickly shed my clothes and my inhibitions in classic cabaret style. Hey Gemson… I’ll be needing my hat back, fella!

Next up was the boobilicious bodacious body and sparkling sharp-like-the-edge-of-a-knife wit of the beautiful Owl Sweetwater, decked out in feathers AND lace AND satin AND silk. She made the crowd work for glimpses of her pretty flesh. For each time they made her laugh, another scrap of her coverings would come flying off. A special thank you to Jet and Ouchie for keeping the laughs coming. The rest of us were too busy drooling to try to be clever.

We’re hoping to make this a monthly event, with each show featuring different ladies… Employees and Vault patrons alike! Contact me if you’d like to be on our stage to shake your goodies and flutter your eyelashes and lose your lacy bits and have a really fun time!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A New Year Here @ -The Vault-

We rang in the New Year at -The Vault- jazz style... which means we listened to fabulous tunes and drank a lot, woo hooo! I'm pretty sure I took pictures, but I dropped my camera in the gutter while trying to hail a cab, which took forEVER by the way (never mind it was New Years Eve in Old Hollywood, shocking that there'd be no cabs available). So, no pictures of the night, but take my word for it (or ask anyone who was there), it was blast from the past to welcome the future!

Tonight I'll be dj'ing more fabulous tunes from 8 to 10 pm, then DJ Bosco takes over til midnight or thereabouts. Come by and see us, and have a drink on Q!

When you are out and about in your travels, if you encounter a DJ or live act you think would be a great fit here at -The Vault-, please let Quentin Falworth or Liz Baramm know. We are always looking for great talent to add to our line-up of ne'er-do-wells.