Thursday, February 10, 2011

-The Vault- Va Va Voom Burlesque Special!

Were you here last night? If you weren't, hoo-boy did you miss out! Last night -The Vault- had its monthly Va Va Voom Burlesque Special, and wooo-eeee! It was sizzling in here!

I was camera girl, taking souvenir snaps of you, our beloved patrons, with the Rat Pack boys.

Kadence looks like she's not too sure about the boys.

Liz looks happy though!

This is the sultry Veruca Monday in a gorgeous dress by Old Hollywood designer Donna Flora!

After a couple complaints of uninvited groping by Frank, I gave up and just enjoyed the show. And I'm so glad I did!

(Actually, Frank complained that Liza here groped him. I believe it!)

The evening started off with a BANG! -- literally! Miss Ouchie Dumpling burst through our front doors brandishing her pink Tommy gun of love, and tassles. All patrons were instructed to keep their yappers shut and their wallets open as she seduced one and all with her persuasive weapon and feminine wiles.

Before we had a chance to catch our breath, Miss Sigourney Farman made her burlesque debut on our stage, and oh-jeez-Louise, what a debut!!! If this is just the start of her burlesque career, I am onboard as a lifelong fan. With a wink and a jiggle, our lovely hostess was down to not much of anything, turning us all into blithering idiots stunned by her beauty and talent.

Well, I assume all were blithering as I was. PaulGoldStar looks fairly composed in spite of his "I just ate the canary" grin.

Ray and Jennifer Corbeau had great front row seats!

Slinky, make-you-feel-dirty tunes were supplied by the incomparable Bosco Rumsford, who also charmed us throughout the show with such bon mots as "Ouchie's got quite the pooper." When the show was over, he played wonderful music for all to enjoy and dance to, once we'd recovered our wits, that is.

And then waddaya know, Nurse Owl popped in for a home visit to innoculate one and all against a most vicious and repugnant disease: Hep Q! She gave us lollipops after poking each of us in the butt with her syringe.

If she was poking us all in the butt, I'm still not sure how Bosco ended up naked on top. Or why he looked so... vulnerable, and forlorn.

Just another night at -The Vault-!

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Wanna be on our stage?...

-The Vault-'s Va Va Voom Burlesque Special is the second Wednesday of each month at 8:30 pm. Each month we'll feature two dancers. Are you interested in shaking what your mama gave you on our stage here in Old Hollywood? You could be a star! If so, contact Daisy Ogleby in world, and we'll get you directly to Q's casting cou-- I mean, we'll schedule a quick audition for you. No experience necessary!