Monday, February 21, 2011

Spending Our Dough: The SL Extravaganza Blog

-The Vault- Vintage Jazz Club was recently featured on the popular fashion blog, SL Extravaganza! Cutie Vault Cupcake Jennifer Corbeau is a contributing writer to it and wrote some really nice stuff about our crowd and our DJs and and our live talent. She takes a bunch of pictures at -The Vault-, so if you see her around, be sure to put on your best smile!

You can see the post here: SL EXTRAVAGANZA: TVDH No3 & The Vault

and you can view Jennifer's own fashion blog here: What About Meh?

One of the reasons *I* am so excited about Jennifer's blog write-up is that I found -The Vault- via a fashion blog. I wish I could remember which blog it was, because I'd love to give the writer a big kiss for helping me find my "home" in SL. That was way back in May of 2009... Almost two years ago. My, how time flies! Think about it! Another lost noob could now be surfing the 'Net and stumbling across -The Vault- like I did... There could be another me here! Lingering like some stray cat, drinking all our liquor... Oh jeez. Jennifer, get your post off the Internet! Now! (LOL just kidding! Keep it live!)

So hey, we have a super lineup tonight for you! At 7 tonight, it's time to get rude and skanky with DJ Gwillym and hostesses Sig and Belli and SKA music! At 9, Bosco takes over the airwaves with his eclectic library of jazz and "jazz" (I dunno how to label some of his music so we'll just stick some quotes 'round it, ok hmm?) hosted by the tequila girl herself, Miss Liz Barrrrrrrrrramm!

Pssst Jennifer... I'll have Q get that payment to you in the next couple days, OK? *wink*

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