Sunday, August 15, 2010

Everybody Wants to be a Cat!; SegmentationFault Does the Stroll

Everybody Wants to be a Cat!

Violet played two whole hours of songs about CATS last night here at -The Vault-. It seems these songwriters very often compare women to pussycats... hm... I'm not sure I understand. *guileless stare*

I have to say MY favorite song of the night was "What's New Pussycat" by Tom Jones. Delicious's M key seemed to get stuck while she had happy daydreams of "The Voice", and if Tom had been there, I'd've thrown my bra at him. All in a night's work!

Following are some of the lovely Neko styles sported by our wonderful patrons, -The Vault- family!

DJ Violet Ormenthal, the Queen Kitty

Dita... girl, you are a heartbreaker!

The Shuper Shexy Liz

I Tawt I Taw a Puttytat... I did! It's Perri! And that wiley RECoyote is giving her the eye -- watch out kittycat!

Brei's dress makes me think naughty thoughts... Cheers to Bjorn!

The Very Lovely Veronika!

YoYo wins a prize for bringing a new person, his gorgeous friend Ama!

Q surveys his own personal Watership Down (did he miss the memo or what!?)

Many of you may know that I spend a lot of time in -The Vault- cammed up on the roof to combat lag. I'd rather be able to TALK to you than see you dance in herky-jerky strobelight fashion, which is how you look to me if there are more than, oh, three or so people here. My computer fights a valiant battle, but as its commander I must help it out as I can. So yes, I have become intimately familiar with the roof of -The Vault- over the last year. My very sweet granny, Dame Edith Ogleby, entertained me during the Neko event last night by dancing on the roof! *hugs Edith*

SegmentationFault Does the Stroll

Tonight at 8, Seg blows the dust off some dowop sh'bop for your "Come on baby, let's do the" twisting pleasure. Join us here in Old Hollywood for a walk down memory lane... destination: the 1950s!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Neko Night at -The Vault-!

Violet's picked out two hours of kitty cat songs... This should be a purr-fectly wonderful evening! Find those ears and tails we all seem to have in our over-stuffed inventories, wipe the kittylitter off your paws, and bring your catnip to share with all!

I will say... I'm not overly fond of the Neko look. It seems avatars sporting the talking tails and wiggly ears are always rocking an ARC (that's Avatar Render Cost) of 4000+. For a slow, sad computer like mine, that is framerate death. I have proof, though, that you can pull off a beautiful, sexy Neko look with an ARC of less than 1000!


With the talking, swishing tail you can't see in this picture, and my talking, wiggling ears, AND a gorgeous cat and pearl necklace from Alienbear (super high prim stuff, exquisite but lagtastic), my ARC is 768. No, that is not a typo.

ARC = 768

I also want to issue a warning: Do not fall asleep at the bar in -The Vault-. Bad things tend to happen, like Gee Vectroscope found out last Saturday night when he parked his butt on a barstool and promptly fell asleep.

Anyways... Calling all Jazz Cats tonight for our special Neko event! Mee-ow!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Swing IS King

Was king? WAS king??? Here at -The Vault- Vintage Jazz Club, Swing is still King, every night of the week!

Friday nights at -The Vault- mean girls fall in love and throw their unmentionables at the stage for Mr Crooner Carlucci. His distinctive, smoky Dean Martin'ish voice makes the women swoon and makes the men reach for their fedoras and whiskey. And then he comes down into the audience for personal serenades! Fainting couches available, and as always a hit of Columbian flake on the bar for reviving!

Crooner performs tonight at 7 pm sl time, don't be late! At 8, I take the stream to play some raucous, fun, gorgeous tunes to prove that Swing is still King! Join us tonight, we'd love to see you!!!


We had such a fun Friday night here at -The Vault-! Crooner packed the house, and that was just the beginning! But hey... don't take my word for it. Join us tonight for another weekend night in sl, Vault-style!