Saturday, August 14, 2010

Neko Night at -The Vault-!

Violet's picked out two hours of kitty cat songs... This should be a purr-fectly wonderful evening! Find those ears and tails we all seem to have in our over-stuffed inventories, wipe the kittylitter off your paws, and bring your catnip to share with all!

I will say... I'm not overly fond of the Neko look. It seems avatars sporting the talking tails and wiggly ears are always rocking an ARC (that's Avatar Render Cost) of 4000+. For a slow, sad computer like mine, that is framerate death. I have proof, though, that you can pull off a beautiful, sexy Neko look with an ARC of less than 1000!


With the talking, swishing tail you can't see in this picture, and my talking, wiggling ears, AND a gorgeous cat and pearl necklace from Alienbear (super high prim stuff, exquisite but lagtastic), my ARC is 768. No, that is not a typo.

ARC = 768

I also want to issue a warning: Do not fall asleep at the bar in -The Vault-. Bad things tend to happen, like Gee Vectroscope found out last Saturday night when he parked his butt on a barstool and promptly fell asleep.

Anyways... Calling all Jazz Cats tonight for our special Neko event! Mee-ow!


  1. LOL awesome Daisy! I'll be rocking that necklace tonight too! Though I may get the diamond version...

  2. *stares at Ouchie's naked profile picture*

    Did Ouchie say something?

    *heartily applauds Ouchie's naked profile picture*