Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A New Year Here @ -The Vault-

We rang in the New Year at -The Vault- jazz style... which means we listened to fabulous tunes and drank a lot, woo hooo! I'm pretty sure I took pictures, but I dropped my camera in the gutter while trying to hail a cab, which took forEVER by the way (never mind it was New Years Eve in Old Hollywood, shocking that there'd be no cabs available). So, no pictures of the night, but take my word for it (or ask anyone who was there), it was blast from the past to welcome the future!

Tonight I'll be dj'ing more fabulous tunes from 8 to 10 pm, then DJ Bosco takes over til midnight or thereabouts. Come by and see us, and have a drink on Q!

When you are out and about in your travels, if you encounter a DJ or live act you think would be a great fit here at -The Vault-, please let Quentin Falworth or Liz Baramm know. We are always looking for great talent to add to our line-up of ne'er-do-wells.

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