Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Vault Va-Va-Voom Burlesque Special!

Old Hollywood has kicked off 2011 with a wink and a tease! Last night, Miss Owl Sweetwater and I took the stage for some bumpin’, grindin’, and teasin’ to fantastic old-timey jazz DJ’d by our own Bosco Rumsford. You Jazz Cats and Dollfaces and Cupcakes were such a fun audience. Owl and I had a blast and I think you did too! We had a couple fainters in the crowd, but that’s to be expected with the kind of heat we were generating.

I was up first, and it had been a long while since I performed on stage. After a quick stumble and getting my hips warmed up (Dork Dance ftw!) I quickly shed my clothes and my inhibitions in classic cabaret style. Hey Gemson… I’ll be needing my hat back, fella!

Next up was the boobilicious bodacious body and sparkling sharp-like-the-edge-of-a-knife wit of the beautiful Owl Sweetwater, decked out in feathers AND lace AND satin AND silk. She made the crowd work for glimpses of her pretty flesh. For each time they made her laugh, another scrap of her coverings would come flying off. A special thank you to Jet and Ouchie for keeping the laughs coming. The rest of us were too busy drooling to try to be clever.

We’re hoping to make this a monthly event, with each show featuring different ladies… Employees and Vault patrons alike! Contact me if you’d like to be on our stage to shake your goodies and flutter your eyelashes and lose your lacy bits and have a really fun time!

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