Sunday, January 30, 2011

Overhead (or Overheard) tonight...

Just a tidbit of what you've been missing...

[21:19] Glawen Rodeyn: I love the sophistication and intellectual content of this evening's conversation, don't you?
[21:19] Alec Venom: Well then that's proof it wasn't me at all! I can't get anyone to kiss my derriere
[21:19] Lizabeth VonBrandenburg (liza.brandenburg): I did put panties on didnt i?

-The Vault- is Second Life's premier vintage jazz club, with knowledgeable DJs who play the very best in big band, swing, crooners, and neo-swing, creating a romantic and/or party atmosphere; fun, sassy, gorgeous hosts and hostesses; and the very best local chat around. Come have a drink on me, and experience the "sophistication" here at -The Vault- in Old Hollywood!


  1. You said "overhead" not overheard silly! ;-)

  2. That picture of The Vault is quite awesome, I must say.

  3. It was all over my head last night, don'tcha know?