Monday, July 12, 2010

Been slackin' on the blog!

But only because -The Vault- Vintage Jazz Club has been hoppin' lately! Who can take a breath when it's non-stop dancing and carousing here in Old Hollywood? We've added two new DJ's to our lineup: Anabel, who plays the swingin'est jazz and big band; and Gwillym, playing the skankiest ska around! Be sure to cruise on by for one or both of these new DJs, or we'll send the mob-squad out for you.

Also introducing two new hostesses to The Family: Liz and Mophead! These girls are beautiful and make local chat sizzle all evening long. Come down and give them a big welcome!

To celebrate our new staff, a round of sparkling champagne! *Blows Kisses* See you soon at -The Vault-!


  1. Everyone that knows you darling, knows that you are a bum.. we aren't surprised

  2. I love you too, Q, like I love mosquito bites and running out of gin.