Thursday, July 22, 2010

DJ Annabel Malibu Here Tonight at 8! Bluemonk Rau at 10!

I'm putting out the call right now to all you MEN out there. Look, just LOOK, at what our poor Dollfaces and Cupcakes had to contend with last night! Quentin here with all these girls! This is like a rabid fox in the henhouse. And that never ends well.

Careful, girls, under that greased-up pompador is where Q hides his devil horns! (You don't wanna know where he hides his tail.)

Annabel plays really fantastic dance music, so fellas... Get yourselves down here tonight at 8 and ask a lady to dance. Then at 10, it's Mr Bluemonk Rau and his boogie-woogie blues! Woo hooooo!


  1. The world is my oyster baby! and when im around all those girls, you know ill be diving for pearls to make my pearl necklaces with!

  2. You might not ask when I hide my tail, but I'll tell ya where I will bury it!