Sunday, July 18, 2010

Calling All Jazz Cats!; SegmentationFault String Does The Twist!

~~Calling All Jazz Cats!~~

Last night here at -The Vault- Vintage Jazz Club in uber-glam Old Hollywood, Miss Violet played some fantastic 1950s jazz standards for us. About midway through her set, I looked around, wondering where YOU might be... and saw this unbelievable phenomenon. Take a real close look at the picture below, and see if you can figure out what I mean.

A nice crowd, beautiful dresses, everyone's dancing and having a great time. But take a closer look... *crooks finger, beckoning* cloooooser... And see if you see what I saw.

-The Vault- attracts the smartest, wittiest, classiest (hey, I heard you laugh! sheddup!), most stylish women in the grid. So, fellas... All you uber-cool Jazz Cats... Would you like a date? A dance partner? Someone to sweet-talk, just for the small chore of donning your tux and adjusting your bowtie just right?... *nods* -The Vault- is THE place to be.

~~Mr. SegmentationFault String Does The Twist!~~

So yeah... A few weeks ago this character started hangin' around... A real wit, contributing lots of bon mots to local chat and a great new dance anim (hillybilly hoedown!)...

Then we noticed he never seemed to leave. When Q found Seg's (yeah, "Seg." SegmentationFault is kind of a mouthful, and not in a good way.) shoes under the couch upstairs, he said: "Earn your keep, or you're back in your box in the alley." And aren't we lucky! Seg has a super library of 1950s doo wop sh'bop and rock 'n roll, guaranteed to get you OFF your barstool!!! Be here at 8 tonight for Seg's -The Vault- debut and welcome him Jazz Cat/Cupcake/Dollface style!

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