Sunday, June 20, 2010

*blinks blearily* Did Last Night Really Happen?

I woke this morning with a bowler under my pillow and sand in my eyes... Stumbled to the bathroom and saw I had red lipstick smeared across my face all the way to my ear! Yes, last night at -The Vault- was THAT fun!!! I hope you were here to see Violet dressed as Alex from Clockwork Orange, Dita as Marilyn Monroe, Q as Elvis in Blue Hawaii, Darwin as Yoda (with tuxedo!), and me as Sally Bowles (Liza Minelli) in Cabaret.

Violet played for two hours and that party was the standard mayhem you've come to expect at events here at -The Vault-, with the added bonus (burning sensation?) of Gee on the mic with Violet. Then Louise took over the stream and really... things went downhill. Isn't that slide fun!!?? Robert1971 passed out a naughty monkey and Q felt the need to stretch his groin... ew.

To all of you who joined us at -The Vault- last night... Thank you! YOU make the party FUN!!!

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