Monday, June 14, 2010

DJ Louise Henusaki Loves The Beatles!

She loves you, yeah yeah yeah!

Come to -The Vault- tonight at 8 pm sl time for Louise's Beatles set... all Beatles! For two hours and maybe more, for the benefit of Mr Kite, and all of you too!!!

And, today's question: Who is your favorite Beatle? Do you like Paul's boyish good looks? John's uber-cool laid-back vibe? George's quiet wit? Or Ringo's goofy head-bob? Leave your vote in the Comments for this post!


  1. And now I'll answer my own question: I love George!!! He's the quiet, lanky one keeping the boys on rhythm, and throwing in some sitar when we feel like zoning out and contemplating existence. Or getting high. Works for both.

  2. George was the "dark horse" for a reason... I thought he was more of the gollum type, lurking inthe back of the dark, damp cave.. getting high and making his sitar strings out of neko gut

  3. Quentin, I told you having coke out in the open was a bad idea... Now you're bringing horse in too??? We are getting shut down by the feds for sure. Damn you!

  4. What cowgirl doesnt like a horse to ride hanging in _the Vault- after 10pm!