Saturday, June 5, 2010

-The Vault-'s Loveliest Flowers

Date: Saturday, June 5
Time: 9 pm sl
Location: -The Vault- Jazz Club, Old Hollywood
Event: Violet and Daisy are back together again!!!

Put on your dancing shoes and join us tonight! Violet's spinning the sweetest swing, jazz, and blues, and I'm back as your host.... You knew I couldn't stay away too long! I've missed all of you!!! Come say hi, see old friends, make some new ones, and boogie-woogie the night away with Violet and me!


  1. make sure you bring lots of the rose air freshener spray to cover up the tuna smell!

  2. We'll hang the Pine Fresh Tree on your zipper, the smell seems to be coming from that area.

  3. Don't be trying to do anything to my wood!